Blackout Betty is California’s premier classic, high-octane rock tribute band. With infectious riffs, sing-along anthems, jaw-dropping solos, and the most dance-floor filling songs ever written, Blackout Betty will rock your night back to the days of your favorite Arena show!

Our set list was painstakingly chosen to energize and connect with audiences of all ages. Featuring 47 Billboard top 100 songs and the greatest ‘hard rock’ grinders, ballads and anthems ever written, Blackout Betty’s show includes only the greatest party rock classics that defined the era of the rock star with an authenticity, energy and love that is unparalleled. We include bands like Guns ‘N roses, Van Halen, Def Leppard, AC-DC, Mötley Crüe, and Poison. We bring the absolute BEST music from the era of the rock star.

You had better come prepared to dance, because Blackout Betty provides a high-energy, concert-style, real rock show loaded with popular, dance-crazy, high-octane rock and roll that revisits the age of the guitar hero- an age when showmanship and artistry went hand-in-hand, where riffs were king and rock was FUN!!